UPMAS President’s Message

2016 UPMAS President Dr. Alvin Marcelo, '91

2016 UPMAS President               Dr. Alvin Marcelo, ’91

Dear fellow UPMAS members,

On behalf of the UPMAS Board of Directors for 2016, allow me to welcome you to a more energetic and social media-aware UPMAS. Hopefully, we can leverage technology to strengthen our networks.

I remember just before our graduation when we were required to pay our UPMAS membership fees, a few of us were grumbling about how it wasn’t clear what benefits there were for a member.

Well time flew and here we are, UPCM Class 91, now responsible to steer the Society towards greater heights. Over the years, UPMAS has evolved into an organization run by committed alumni with a vision to support the UP College of Medicine and foster stronger relationships with each other. Now more than ever, it behooves every alumni to come home and help keep UPCM at the apex of medical education in the country.

What can you expect from UPMAS this year?

1) Connectedness. More online sessions with your alumni. Last year, UPCM Class 1990 started the UP Med Webinar series and this year, our class 1991 will take it to the next level — offering more sessions, reaching out to doctors-to-the-barrios, and optimizing technology to reach the underserved.

2) Transparency. The Board has approved the adoption of a secure electronic financial transaction systems that will allow better fiscal control over the UPMAS finances.

3) Relevance. The UP Med Webinars are run by alumni from around the world who are experts in their field but still firmly rooted with the realities of the Philippine healthcare system. It is heartening to see alumni from far away still with the spirit of service — keeping awake at odd hours to be able to share their knowledge with doctors in remote areas of the country.

4) And I will be remiss if I don’t say this: do expect the best homecoming celebrations ever. I am honored to have a team of classmates led by Dr Gary Mercado who are constantly brewing exciting activities designed to make this whole year of 2016 a most memorable one for all alumni.

Please join us now at :

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/300517124490/
Twitter (#upmas #upmed)
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8493167

And watch the video of Hay Buhay Medisina — our heartfelt expression of gratitude to our former mentors and to the art and excellence that makes UP what it is. (https://vimeo.com/157444435)

UPCM Class 1991

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