Membership Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can be a member of the UPMAS?
Graduates of the UP College of Medicine (UPCM) can be members of the UPMAS.

How does one become a life member?
A UPCM graduate becomes a life member by paying a one time Life Membership fee of Php 10,000.

How do I pay for the life membership fee?
Please contact the UPMAS Secretariat through: or (632) 5253852.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?
One of the special programs of UPMAS is the Alumni Benefit Fund (ABF), which offers benefits to alumni for :
(1) fellowship grants;
(2) scholarships for dependents of disabled and deceased alumni;
(3) sickness; and
(4) death.

Other benefits of being an active life member:
· eligibility for office
· voting privileges
· eligibility to use the UPMAS slot for their children’s application to the UP College of Medicine
· regular communications from the society
· eligibility for assistance from the society in the Placement Program
· eligibility for nomination for the UPMAS awards
· participation in the deliberations of the Society.